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Lemurian Light Healing - For Humans Only

What is Lemurian Light Healing and how is it used?

This type of Healing is very similar to Reiki in many ways. It can work with the same issues as Reiki, but with a different approach. The energies come from the Lemurian Masters instead of the Reiki Masters, but the results are the same, if not more beneficial in some areas, due to how the process works.

There is another added layer that can be used with this type of healing that Reiki does not utilize. With Reiki, it is only hands on during a quiet relaxing session. With Lemurian Light Healing, there can also be discussion of "why do you feel this way" or "what do you think is causing this", which assists in getting to the source of the issues at hand, so that the source can be healed. Healing the source directly provides a more quick and permanent end to certain issues. It is not just healing the various layers, starting with the outside working in, as Reiki does.


This work is very successful with past life issues as well as subconscious or childhood issues. This is similar to a counselor talk style session, where questions are asked and the answers come from the client until the base source of the issue is revealed. Once it is revealed, it is healed with direction from the Healer. While deep issues may need to be brought up more than once to fully heal, as this is normal for life issues, it is a noticeable and immediate feeling from the client each time the issue is worked on. This type of healing is from a comfortable distance in the room and no hands on is required. The energy is sent while the session is going on, so that there is a constant healing no matter what comes up.


There have been reports from clients that by healing their issues and forgiving the person that may have caused the source issue, the person that was the catalyst has also had healing effects. While this is not guaranteed, it is always a possibility. There is an option to work on a higher (soul) level with others if there is an issue that you have, so that both are healed as well. 


Image by Ken Cheung
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