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The below is basic services and costs. I am always able to work with a customized plan, and can adjust prices accordingly. If you do not see something here, just ask. If I do not offer it, I probably know someone that does.

PHONE: 765-421-9353 Leave a message/text please

  Reiki For People

  • $75 1 Hour in person session *15 minutes for discussion, 45 minutes of Reiki

  • $60 2 Half Hour distance sessions *prior email or phone conversation to set up time/dates and discuss issues.

  • $30 1 Half Hour distance session *for a quick issue or pick me up. Prior email or phone conversation to set up time/date and discuss desired outcome.

  • Want Reiki and have a service to offer *massage, etc? There is the option for a "Reiki Share". Email me.

   Reiki for Pets

  • $50 Each in person session. As animals are not as predictable as humans for how much or long they want Reiki, a standard is average half hour. It may be as long as an hour or as short as 15 minutes. This is all up to the animal. To make it fair for all, a set rate applies.

Lemurian Light Healing

  • $75 1 Hour in person session *discussion and LLH happens simultaneously. 1st session will have some time to explain how it will work and what to expect. 

Paranormal Investigation 

  • Starting at $300, the price is determined by situation and distance.

    • There must be ability to research and understand past residents and issues, to be able to fully know what is there.

    • There must be ability to leave investigator and crew alone in the home for at least 1 night, with no people or obtrusive pets there. 

    • Clear communication between resident and investigator on what expectations are and what to do if something is found will happen before and after investigation.

    • Understanding that not all paranormal activities happen when we want them to and some activities are not at all paranormal in nature, is also a must.


  Help in creating spells and law of attraction advice

        Learn how to protect yourself energetically

Crystal Information and Products 



   DoTerra Essential Oil Products

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