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My name is Saundra Kuckie. I have been interested in various Metaphysical and Healing Arts since I was a young child. As soon as I learned that Reiki existed, I took classes, completing levels 1-3 in 2002. In 2012, I was able to become a Reiki Master. I have been working with Light Focus Healing since 2005 and have used it in conjunction with Reiki during my sessions, as I am guided. (Light Focus Healing is NOT something I use special lights for, but more of a directional visualization to assist in healing.)  I am also a Lemurian Light Master, as of 2012. I continue to study and learn other types of healing practices, as they are available, and will be updating my skills when I feel that I am proficient with them.

I am an animal lover and have been working with both animals and humans from the start. I have found that by working with animals, it often extends some understanding and healing to the owners as well. I own quite a few pets, and have owned many more in the past. I am familiar with most house and farm animals, but have not worked with zoo animals. If ever given the chance, it would be an honor.

I am currently based out of West Lafayette, Indiana, but can travel to other areas on a limited basis. If I cannot travel to you, there is always the option of Long Distance healing! You never have to worry that you cannot be helped just because of distance. I do not currently have an office setting to practice, so I would be traveling to your home or a mutually agreed peaceful place (like a park or beach).

I am also interested in working with Shelters to help the animals there. I feel that by helping the animals with healing, they will be more at ease with the environment and the situation, which in turn helps make them more adoptable. Shelters receive special pricing, to be discussed when contacted. I would be willing to continue service to the adopted animals for a discounted fee from my regular prices (to be discussed at the specific time of adoption). Please contact me if you would like my assistance at your shelter.

On top of the amazing healing work, I have been working with ghosts, Spirits, and negative energies/entities since I was a small child, and have learned quite a lot over the years from study and experience. I have been working with clearing and removing negative energies and entities as of 2012. I have been successful in removing deceased humans and negative beings from residences. I also provide some information at the time of service to assist in keeping them away. I have found that me removing them is not always enough to keep them out. There needs to be personal follow up and conscious personal changes within the home to assist in keeping the negativity away. I have also found that for stronger energies/entities, one visit does not always remove them instantly and will take action from the residence to fully block them from coming back. As with all non-lifeform based beings, each one is as different as you or me, and must be researched to fully understand why they are there and help them move on or remove them by force.

I have taken Life Coach, Health Coach, Nutritional Coach, Spiritual Coach and Business Coach classes in 2019 to better be of service to those that need it. These classes did not come with certifications but did come with a wealth of tools to work with various clients. I had found that many of them were already being used in my daily life and my natural ability to help.

Recently, I have also been working with horse training on a Holistic Natural level. This technique uses Reiki along with gentle but firm guidance to listen to, read and communicate with the horse on the horse's level. This ensures safe and quick learning while building a trusting, loving relationship. More of this will be in the near future.

I have been working with spells and palm reading since i was young also, but only recently have had anyone interested in those. I will be brushing up on them to be able to offer mini courses and personalized information.




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